Calvinist Bipolar (Good and Evil) Nature Of God Concept.

My limited knowledge of early Christian history, so far, has led me to conclude that when the early Christians (following the death of all the original Apostles) concluded that fallen mankind had only one nature, that was only evil, the door was opened for pagan unconditional determinism and unconditional predestination to be easily injected into Christianity (by saying man lost his free will capacity to choose good or evil when Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s command to not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) ultimately resulting in the development of an anemic puppeteering, bipolar (good and evil) nature of God concept of Calvinism and Calvinism’s no free will of man TULIP soteriology. If anybody has a bipolar nature of good and evil, man fits that concept not the Triune God described in the Bible.

About thoughtsbydcg1

Am a Christian that wants to share some of my Bible deductions and interpretations with other folk and wants to hear from other Christians. My wife and I live in Johnstown, Colorado and attend High Plains Baptist Church in Milliken, Colorado.
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