New at this blogging

I am trying to figure out how to operate WordPress. Thankfully, I have a warm blooded walking WordPress encyclopedia, my youngest son, that I can ask questions of.  He is a front-end web developer working for a company called Madwire Media located in Loveland, Colorado.

Hopefully, I will soon become more proficient with this blogging and website operation.  Well, I am going to continue my learning to operate WordPress.  If you visit this sight several times you will probably seen it change with time during my learning curve.

About thoughtsbydcg1

Am a Christian that wants to share some of my Bible deductions and interpretations with other folk and wants to hear from other Christians. My wife and I live in Johnstown, Colorado and attend High Plains Baptist Church in Milliken, Colorado.
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2 Responses to New at this blogging

  1. Well!!!! I am commenting to myself, or babbling to myself, in order to test and see if the reply function is working properly on my blog. Ok, starting my test —- Click.

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